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  • Stereo NFC Headphones are now in stock and ready to ship
  • Bluetooth Stereo Streamer sends or receives music
  • PowerTube 2800 is now available in four cool colors
  • Stereo Bluetooth NFC Clip is on the way

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NFC - What is it and how to connect?

NFC - What is it and how to connect?
Fact: A large number of consumers do not know what the NFC function on their phone is for.  Surprisingly a large number of employees at some of the major wireless carrier chains do not know how to connect an NFC Stereo Bluetooth Headset with an NFC smartphone using NFC.  As an experiment an Azeca employee went to some of the top wireless stores and asked how to pair Bluetooth using NFC.  Only one out of five knew how to do it... Read More...