How to pair Bluetooth using NFC

Fact: A large number of consumers do not know what the NFC function on their phone is for.  Surprisingly a large number of employees at some of the major wireless carrier chains do not know how to connect an NFC Stereo Bluetooth Headset with an NFC smartphone using NFC.  As an experiment an Azeca employee went to some of the top wireless stores and asked how to pair Bluetooth using NFC.  Only one out of five knew how to do it.  I won't name names but the smartest retailer starts with a T.

The test model was the Azeca NFC Stereo Bluetooth Headset Model BTH011.

NFC Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Part of the problem is that not all NFC chips are created equal.  Some only connect to a headset when the headset is turned on.  When NFC is done right the headset should go from a non-powered state to powered up and paired with Bluetooth state just by tapping the units together.  


So here is the NFC Bluetooth pairing process the Azeca BTH011 in 4 simple steps:

1. On your smartphone turn on NFC and Bluetooth

2. Make sure your NFC headphone is powered off

3. Tap and hold the NFC chip location on the headphones to the center back of your smartphone 

4. A notification will appear on your smartphone indicating that pairing is complete or asking for confirmation of the pair.

Note that the NFC chip location on some phones is off center.  Many NFC headphones and speaker use the mark below to indicate chip location:

Also note that some NFC devices require an initial pair through the standard paring method.  NFC pairing will only work after the first standard pairing.  




Azeca at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show