Retractable Earbuds

Azeca now has three model of Retractable Earbuds with Bluetooth in its lineup.  All are available from the

Model AZM02/4 - Main Feature: Vibration

The AZM series is a mono retractable earbud that VIBRATES when a call is coming in.  This is a useful feature when the user keeps their main phone in a bag or purse and has it on silent model. The AZM models use the HFP phone profiles only leaving media and notifications available for an A2DP stereo device.  Buy here


Model UA28 Main Feature: Stereo compatibility

The UA28 pairs with both the HFP phone profile and the A2DP stereo profile allowing all sounds to be heard through one ear.  If desired an additional included earbud can be plugged into the side of the UA28 to allow stereo listening.  Also included is a stereo adapter so you can attached your own earbuds or headphones.  Buy here.


Model UA28 Main Feature: Low Cost

The UA25 is a mono non vibrating unit that only pairs with the HFP phone profile.  The UA25 is a great choice for users looking for a low cost Bluetooth Retractable earbud. Buy here.