Suggested Retail: $49.99

 For Smartphone/Tablet to Home Stereo Connectivity

    The Azeca Bluetooth Stereo Streamer lets users play music stored on a smartphone or tablet directly to a home stereo system. Also great for playing satellite radio, or music stored in the cloud.  
    Simply connect a smartphone or tablet to the Stereo Streamer wirelessly using the Bluetooth Receiver function on the Stereo Streamer.  Attaching the Stereo Streamer to a home stereo is quick and easy with the included RCA-Y adapter and cables.  Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled Apple and Android devices.

Add Stereo Bluetooth to any device

    Use the Stereo Streamer to add Bluetooth to small non-wireless devices like MP3 players. Just switch the Stereo Streamer to Bluetooth Transmitter mode, attach the transmitter to a device using the included short jumper cable, then connect with any Bluetooth stereo speakers or stereo headphone. Also great for adding Bluetooth to TVs for private TV listening.  Just attach to the TV headphone jack or audio output jacks using the included RCA-Y adapter.


  • Send or Receive Bluetooth A2DP signals - Switchable! 
  • Play smartphone music through any home stereo
  • Add Bluetooth to any device with a headphone jack
  • Easily switch between Receiving or Transmitting (Transceiver)
  • Compatible with Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablets*
  • Convert non-wireless devices to Bluetooth
  • USB Rechargeable with 10 hour play time
  • Charge and listen at the same time
  • Velcro backing attaches to various devices
  • Automatically pairs with last paired device
  • Bluetooth Profile (V2.1): A2DP
  • 30 foot range
  • One year limited warranty
  • Azeca Model BTT009


  • Stereo Streamer
  • USB 2.0 to micro USB charging cable
  • Line-in cable
  • Dual red/white male RCA jack to 3.5mm female jack
  • Short 3.5mm male to male jumper cable
  • 2 Velcro squares for attching
  • English/Spanish Manual